Research shows working more than 40 Hours is unproductive.

I like the article and I agree but question. Why forty hours? Is that optimal?

I don’t have the papers at the top my head as I am writing on a train but I remember reading the optimum hours are around the thirty to thirty five mark.

I’m thinking because although one is not as productive one does produce. And if one is on salary without overtime, as long as a company does not burn out an individual it is most likely in their best interest to churn out work. Especially in the starting stages of a company.

This is an interesting topic.

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Many Aboriginal adults return to school after realizing ‘value of education’

‘Among completers, 14% of off-reserve First Nations people, 15% of Inuit, and 9% of Métis had left school at least once, before returning to obtain a high school diploma. The main reason cited for returning was that they “realized the value of an education / wanted a diploma.”‘

So what’s the answer here? I got no clue. But definitely needs to be added to the todo / figure out list.