Hasbro’s Girl Power

  • Revenue up 57% year over year for girl toys. 
  • 50% up in eps
  • 39% net income 
  • Excited about new rogue one movie
  • Best quarter ever to date
  • Shares up 8%
  • Disney is in trouble still although other people doing well over it. As a person who owns Disney, I plan on buying more into it. 

Revenue was up in Hasbro’s Boy division, but it was the Girl division’s results that got Wall Street’s attention. Caterpiller’s CEO drives off into the sunset. Pepsi lays out an aggressive plan to cut sugar from its drinks.

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* Published: 2016-10-17 12:10:18 PM

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Financials: All about Business Development Companies

BDC companies are very risky. They invest where banks don’t and lesson I’ve learned is to avoid it. 

BDC don’t have as many rules and it just seems like although there is high reward there is Hugh risk and not as much information. 

Business Development Companies (BDCs) are primarily small caps, but their dividends are anything but small. The industry offers investors double-digit dividend yields earned primarily by lending to, and investing in, companies that are too small for Wall Street. High yields come with high risks, however, and there is little public information about the investments that BDCs hold on their balance sheets. In this edition of Industry Focus: Financials, join The Motley Fool’s Gaby Lapera and Jordan

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* Published: 2016-10-17 12:30:00 PM

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Inside the Minds of White Collar Criminals

  • WSJ podcast interviews a man who interviewed White collar criminals
    • Bernie Madoff
      • Interesting because he screwed over people he knew. Unlike others who scammed people they did not know.
  • Many were not remorseful about their actions. They could not identify who they actually hurt.
  • They have charisma and are smart.
    • Personal note: I already had assumed this.
  • Did not interview any women.
    • There are less woman in field. But also maybe they have more empathy?
      • Personal note: I don’t know where I stand on this. Need to think about it.
  • Sometimes it’s about reputation and pushing so hard that it makes people want to cheat. It’s not always about the money.







Listen to the savvy reporters at MarketWatch.com as they give lively consumer tips on money management and personal finance.

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* Published: 2016-10-14 10:51:55 AM

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  • Marriott might do well after merger. Could have up to 20% of hotel Market.
  • Credit cards in the US supposedly have the best deals right now ever. Analyst on WSB thinks they will get cheaper.
  • Snapchat charges 750k USD flat rate to advertise per day.
  • Clinton Election Win – Get Capital Gain tax rate of today if you hold investment for six years. Otherwise it starts at 40%+


  • Weighed in at 200 up 8 since summer low. Need to stay in gym for cardio longer

News that caught my eye

  • Yemen airstrikes… Didn’t realise how many there are.



Wall Street Journal
Motley Fool
The Disciplined Investor

This Is Your Brain on Podcasts


  • Podcasts evoke lots of brain activity (not sure if that’s a good thing or not) 
  • Bad social activities (like news on murder) garners attention 
  • Ends with interviewer who’s an Olympian. Listen to freakanomics and claims it helped him change his mindset and make it to Olympics after being told he wasn’t on the team he wanted to be. 

Review: 2/5 not the most engaging content and not really new in terms of information

    Neuroscientists still have a great deal to learn about the human brain. One recent MRI study sheds some light, finding that a certain kind of storytelling stimulates enormous activity across broad swaths of the brain. The takeaway is obvious: you should be listening to even more podcasts.

    * Duration: 46:06, Played: 18:59

    * Published: 2016-10-12 8:00:00 PM

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