Weight vs Strength Tradeoff

I haven’t checked my body fat, and I should start tracking that not my weight.

I’m eating healthy for the most part during the weekdays. My weight has been stuck at 193 for over a week now and I’m getting stronger… And I think I’m getting slimmer.

I really wanted to lose a bit more but we shall see what happens. I don’t want to eat less and I don’t have time in morning for more cardio.

I keep making excuses but I need to do some sort of cardio in evenings. I’m thinking maybe swimming twice a week?

I need to take lessons anyways, might be a win win.

Choices – eating healthy

I want to hit 185 pounds. I started at 205 on March 25th ish. I was doing very well, got down to 191ish about a week ago. But last little while I have been going out a lot. So I’ll have to watch what I eat.

I am going out for next three weekends too and it’s unavoidable. I should probably just do salads. Maybe step up my game during the week to make up for the excess.

Fitness. The journey already began.

I didn’t really want to post here about fitness. But here we are, it’s important to me these days and I hope that it stays that way for a very long time.

So I shall post about fitness and progress…

My first goal is pretty stereotypical.
Six pack.

I also want a stronger back and chest.

But most of all I want to start a healthy lifestyle I can maintain. A healthy diet I can maintain.