Chest and back day before surgery.

Did chest and back today. Might be last day to workout this week maybe even next as I have a surgery for I think an ulnar nerve transposition. (I had to Google it, probably should have asked the surgeon the real name)

Anyways, back was alright. But hip flexor was close to pain. Need to remember to stretch hip flexor more. Also need to get my hamstrings a lot more stretched.

I really need to look into hot yoga or just yoga.

New years resolution? Maybe.

I was mostly thinking of making it a blog post a day but we shall see.

Or a programming blog post a day. I seem to keep blogging fitness and tech news for the most part. But I guess it should be about what I’m interested in at the time. Getting off topic.

I also need to look into possibly putting back ahead of chest on one of the days.

Also pull ups are working. I can do 4 sets of 1 with 60 second rest at 217 pounds. Need to keep building.

Research shows working more than 40 Hours is unproductive.

I like the article and I agree but question. Why forty hours? Is that optimal?

I don’t have the papers at the top my head as I am writing on a train but I remember reading the optimum hours are around the thirty to thirty five mark.

I’m thinking because although one is not as productive one does produce. And if one is on salary without overtime, as long as a company does not burn out an individual it is most likely in their best interest to churn out work. Especially in the starting stages of a company.

This is an interesting topic.

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Many Aboriginal adults return to school after realizing ‘value of education’

‘Among completers, 14% of off-reserve First Nations people, 15% of Inuit, and 9% of Métis had left school at least once, before returning to obtain a high school diploma. The main reason cited for returning was that they “realized the value of an education / wanted a diploma.”‘

So what’s the answer here? I got no clue. But definitely needs to be added to the todo / figure out list.

So Apple does own beautiful and sexy

So Apple does own beautiful and send… for now.

I feel like Apple definitely makes easier to use technology. That being said I don’t mind slightly uglier for more features.

But I feel capitalism will bring Android ahead. People can design nice interfaces and sell them. Apple can’t buy all the talent. Well actually they could, they do have a lot of money. But they won’t.

Time will tell. The real question is will Android get a nicer interface before it falls to another king of technology?

“Being busy is a form of laziness… “

” Being busy is a form of laziness – lazy thinking and indiscriminate action.”
“Being overwhelmed is often as unproductive as doing nothing, and is far more unpleasant. Being selective – doing less – is the path of the productive. Focus on the important few and ignore the rest.”

– Timothy Ferriss

Although I don’t tend to agree about this in the short term. I can agree with the fact this holds true for long term. If one is constantly busy, it just can’t be productive. Especially the feeling of being overwhelmed, I definitely feel like that kills my productivity and especially kills my creativity.


Practice deadlifts and squat form / stretch

Between most of my sets I just looked in a mirror and held a squat at the bottom of held a stiff leg deadlift and watched my form. Well mostly my back.

I think it’s helping the lower back left side pain. Just need to remember to keep working on flexibility.

Also did hanging knee raises today to finish off similar to Monday. I think I will do this more often and hopefully help build my back / chin ups. For ever set my grip gave up before my abs got tired. Also need to remember to lower legs all the way down hold a second at bottom and at top. Make sure I don’t swing. Also make sure I keep back straight and hips pushing out.

I definitely need to work on keeping hips pushes out.

Article: Apple reportedly acquiring the company behind Microsoft’s Kinect sensor

In my opinion Microsoft’s Kennet software is one of the coolest things. It has so much potential and getting the same equipment in a package so small would cost a lot more anywhere else.

Apple reportedly acquiring the company behind Microsoft’s Kinect sensor