Workout Log Day 4


Towel Stretch 

Right side is still sore

Open Books

Just need to keep doing it. Getting better though

Arm Bar

Switched the the 24KG Kettle bell. Still doing the rolling not lifting off the ground yet.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Still working on this, still tight on the right side. I should remember to do right left right.

Glute Bridge

Pretty straight forward and easy

Leg Lowering 1

Did it against a pole, it’s getting much easier with pole. Keeping leg up by itself though is a lot harder. Might use a band next time.

Quadped Hip Extension

This is just terrible need to work on this form.

Half kneel Halo

Pretty sure I have been doing it wrong, I think this is what I was supposed to do the last 3 days.

SLDL w/assist

Need to work on this form a lot.


Bear Crawl

Pretty sure my form is off on this

Down Dog

Seems straight foward but I kind of need to check this form too.




Reps Weight Note
5 70  Forgot I was supposed to do 6 reps
6 70  Easy
6 80  Easy
6 80  Almost dropped this setting up. Need to remember to lift from knee and not hurt myself.
6 80 Need to go to 90 next time. That should be pretty easy too though.



I need to slow this down and get more time under tension

Reps Weight Note
6 60Kg
6 60Kg
6 60Kg
6 60Kg
4 60Kg



I feel like I barely get any lift on this. Need to keep working on it though and holding at the top.




Reps Weight Note
15 24KG
15 24KG
15 24KG
15 24KG



I need to bend at hips and not the knees. Kept doing that. It was hard though

Reps Weight Note
8 BW
8 BW
8 BW
5 BW


Need to work on the hanging, knee raising isn’t so bad. Just need to make sure body doesn’t swing.

Reps Weight Note
8 BW
8 BW
6 BW
5 BW  Kept losing grip

Workout Log Day 3

Halo I know I’m doing wrong.

Warm up.
Bear crawl doesn’t feel right

225×3 pause 225×1

Second and fourth set were harder because I used the grip I’m weaker on. This is a good weight. Hard have to be careful not to strain but doable.

BWx10 5sets slow this time

Tspine drops
Easy need to make sure with toss I’m doing it right.

Kneeling landmine.
Someone stole my spot after one set. When I went to split Squats. I’ll stay near it next time…

Split squats.

25×4 8 sets.
This was the right weight.

Got bored at holding for thirty seconds moved to next exercise.

Arm each

Workout Log Day 2


Need to do all the ones I didn’t do. Do every single one everyday and some at night again.

Bear crawl I need to practise this by watching a video or sometbinf
Down dog pretty easy I think.

Main workout

Front squat
5 rep 6 sets 60lbs

Definitely can do a lot more. Going to use 80 next time. Used a dumbell.

Lat pull down
8 reps 6 sets at 110lbs
This I should change to 60kg or 130lbs and just work my ass off

Cook hip lift
BW six sets of eight reps on each side.

This just felt weird first couple of sets but I got hang of it. Slowed it down and held it at top for a fee secs. Need to remember to do that.
KB swings

This was really easy
Although I felt like I maybe thrusting to hard forward…

Workout Log Day 1

Towel Stretch right side was sore as normal

Open books tight did eight each side

Arm bar used the yellow kettle bell, eight each side pretty easy. Wobbled a bit on right side last rep. Need to make this heavier next week.

Warm ups

Toe touch: pretty easy but didn’t touch all the way tried to keep every thing straight and not rock down. Did about five. Next time use foam to squeeze between knees

Scorpion stretch: good, felt it, felt good.

Main Lifts
Done as a super set / circuit

Deadlifts : 185×6

This was a good weight to choose after yesterday. I was a bit tired. I used two purple lifts on each side. Need to change to one next time. Didn’t get to have a front mirror because of traffic today, but had a side mirror. Need to keep an eye on form. Felt okay though, I’m sure it could have been better.

Pushups: BWx6

I was a little sore from yesterday’s workout so I just did the regular pushups. NEED TO SLOWDOWN time under tension was terrible. I wasn’t rushing through but I could have been a lot slower on the way up especially.

T Spine Leg Drops
8 Reps 6 sets

I couldn’t remember which these were and it didn’t come up right away when I Google so I did the sideway leg drops.


Let’s start the wave of embarrassment. I was super tired and sweaty by now. I must have spent about five minutes resting just putting away the deadlift weights and the mat for the leg drops.

8 reps 2 sets 10lbs
At first I just started by kneeling which is harder by far. But I realised I was supposed to stand. With15 pounds I couldn’t keep the form right, and with ten pounds it felt tough but right. NEED TO DO FORM CHECK WITH TODD. I was trying to do a circuit and some guy took it after the 2nd set. I was too tired to care. NEXT TIME come back when available do every rep.

Bulgarian split squat:
No idea what suitcase is. I really should have talked this through with Todd. Will do that today. The rep scheme is messed up. I could have and should have done 25×8 slowly. 35 I was pretty tired and did it too fast. NEED TO stop being a LB.

4 reps 2 sets.
Could have rested and done more.


I did some leg lowering and some the kneeling hip flexor exercise.