Installed a few scripts

So I installed a few things I wanted to play with using simple scripts. Simple scripts is an option available on my cpanel that allowed to me add scripts where I want and set up an admin account for them.

I added the following

A survey script  using limesurveys,

A project management script using phpprojekt,

and A forum script using phpbb

It offers a ton of options but unless you read the users manual a lot of it doesnt make sense, also its not very intuitive.

I can’t figure out how to make other users… seriously. I spent like a good 30 seconds looking, I shouldn’t need to spend more. But the options it has looks very cool.

EDIT: I found it like a minute after I wrote this — I had to Google it. It tells you how in their wiki…

I have used it before, I know its solid.

I will probably write more on the scripts above once I get a chance to play with them more.