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Weight vs Strength Tradeoff

I haven’t checked my body fat, and I should start tracking that not my weight. I’m eating healthy for the most part during the weekdays. My weight has been stuck at 193 for over a week now and I’m getting stronger… And I think I’m getting slimmer. I really wanted to lose a bit more…

Choices – eating healthy

I want to hit 185 pounds. I started at 205 on March 25th ish. I was doing very well, got down to 191ish about a week ago. But last little while I have been going out a lot. So I’ll have to watch what I eat. I am going out for next three weekends too…

An Internet Minute

I really like this info graphic. Its relays lots of information, stats of companies people recognize and what they are known for. I was going to post that it’s funny only 200k people login into fb per minute. But when you think about it, it’s because no one logs out. Image from Intel.