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Highcharts – Plugins

I should definitely check this out. Plugins for Group Categories Rounded Corners adding more information to legend Dragging a legend –┬áThis might actually be very useful for me. Highcharts – Plugins.

Possible update counterCache Function

I haven’t tested this yet. But it is a possible update counterCache function.   <code> function counterCheck( ) {   $counterTemplate = “UPDATE :atable AS :amodel SET :counter = ( SELECT COUNT( FROM :table AS :model WHERE :model.:foreignkey = )”;   $updates = array();   $models = Configure::listObjects(‘model’) ;   foreach ($models as $model)…

FlowingData: How to Make an Interactive Network Visualization

I have looked at d3 network visualization demos / tutorials before. I always tell myself I will do it. But I need to get on this. Link below is to a tutorial on flowing data.