Music can be shiny

Any-who-bobble  in no particular order:
Skrillex – Kill EVERYBODY
I just love the drop on this one, I think there were days I just played this on repeat as the only song. Awesome to work out too as well. Actually all the Dubstep below is pretty fun to workout too.

Chrispy – Inspector Gadget
This is one is just plain fun. Chrispy has some really good stuff. I feel that Skrillex is pretty much known to all my friends, but not too many people that I know are aware of Chrispy. Look em up.

Paris is Burning – Ladyhawke (HavocNdeeD Remix)
Dubstep with female lyrics almost always sounds good. Haha, On the topic of women that reminds of another song I’ll post after this one.
Pornstep feat. the Highbury Whore – Dodge, Fuski
Not Safe For Work – Sounds (aka Moans)
Now keep an open mind before you hit play and hear it out for a bit. The drop is good, and aside from the embrassment it may cause you to play this in a work place, you have to agree it takes talent to remix something like this.

We Don’t Eat – James Vincent McMorrow (Adventure Club Remix)
I usually don’t like men rapping or singing with my dubstep — but this one turned out well. Adventure Club has some good stuff, I need to remind myself to get more of their tracks.

I shall add more later.

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