Possible car or change stealing attempt?

Terrible last night.
Phone died on the sky train so I had to do half of my hour commute listening to the hum of a train. Yeah, I know first world problems…
So get off the train and walk to my car in the parkade only to discover that my window was broken.
Paused, took a breath, shit happens – let’s take pics before getting into car. Oh right, my phone is dead.
Open the car start looking around nothing seems to be missing, except the gps. That doesn’t make sense. If i was gonna steal the gas, I would also take the change. Plus the GPS would be hidden and nothing was in sight.
So I look around go to two different people, one in a suit and a laptop bag.
‘Hi, do you mind if I use your phone? Mine is dead and someone broke my car window I just need to call my cousin.’
Both had a second of hesitation in their eyes. Sheepishly they both say and I’m paraphrasing, ‘oh um I don’t have a cellphone’.
Well that’s their prerogative I’m not going to pressure them or ask a second time.
So I walk back to the sky train station and go up to a car driver. Explain the situation and ask if I can use their phone. But this time I offer my phone as collateral. Nope.
I’ll also let you hold my wallet? Nope.
I’m not going to run off. I’m in business casual with an overcoat. Nope.
Well what can I do?
His plan, sit in the car and call. That’s fair.
I sit hand over my phone, he locks the doors. I call my cousin and explain the situation.
Cousin heads over we take pictures. Using snow clearing brush/scraper, I brush all the glass into a nice and out of the way pile. I try to pick it up and put it into a bag but as my cousin points out I don’t have gloves. No point risking cuts.
I know icbc isn’t going to be much help, but I call in morning to listen to a message that confirms my suspicions. I just need to get it fixed. Heading to work now, writing this. Dad is going to shop the stores find the best deal for a repair mechanic.
What you gonna do right? Weird only my car was hit and nothing was taken. My theory is someone was seen as they broke the window to steal the car, and they just walked away? I don’t think they were trying to steal stuff because I have nothing displaying in the car.

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