Workout Log Day 2

Need to do all the ones I didn’t do. Do every single one everyday and some at night again.
Bear crawl I need to practise this by watching a video or sometbinf
Down dog pretty easy I think.
Main workout
Front squat
5 rep 6 sets 60lbs
Definitely can do a lot more. Going to use 80 next time. Used a dumbell.
Lat pull down
8 reps 6 sets at 110lbs
This I should change to 60kg or 130lbs and just work my ass off
Cook hip lift
BW six sets of eight reps on each side.
This just felt weird first couple of sets but I got hang of it. Slowed it down and held it at top for a fee secs. Need to remember to do that.
KB swings
This was really easy
Although I felt like I maybe thrusting to hard forward…

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