This Is Your Brain on Podcasts


  • Podcasts evoke lots of brain activity (not sure if that’s a good thing or not) 
  • Bad social activities (like news on murder) garners attention 
  • Ends with interviewer who’s an Olympian. Listen to freakanomics and claims it helped him change his mindset and make it to Olympics after being told he wasn’t on the team he wanted to be. 

Review: 2/5 not the most engaging content and not really new in terms of information

    Neuroscientists still have a great deal to learn about the human brain. One recent MRI study sheds some light, finding that a certain kind of storytelling stimulates enormous activity across broad swaths of the brain. The takeaway is obvious: you should be listening to even more podcasts.
    * Duration: 46:06, Played: 18:59
    * Published: 2016-10-12 8:00:00 PM
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