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  • Westworld

Watched the first the episodes. I keep thinking about the fallout games, Skyrim and red dead redemption. Throw in some virtual reality. It’s a super cool concept and it’s super easy to mess up. 
Summary after watching three episodes

  1. There is a theme park of artificial people. That can be repaired and real humans pay to do whatever they want to them in a video game like world. 
  2. It seems like the code is changing on purpose or naturally for the fake beings to start remembered all that’s been done to them and they aren’t very happy about it. 
  3. There is a narrative being built about a bigger picture and one of the original creators wanted to make full AI 


  1. So much possibility for character development 
  2. Jeffery Wright and Thandie Newton have stolen the show so far got me


  1. It seems like it might be moving towards the fact that shit fucks up by design. I hope there is more chaos. It would really suck if this is just about a human wanting to free the robot slaves. 


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