Random Date

Random date, minimum being today max being anything up to 1000 days [code lang=”sql”]</pre> UPDATE tablename SET date = CURDATE() + interval rand()*1000 day <pre>[/code]

Concepts in Programming Languages – University of Cambridge Course

The following are all copy and pasted from a University of Cambridge course link to the website below. It was accessible by public, so I figured I should dump it here. Maybe I can read some of this when I have a vacation. Lecture slides Introduction and motivation. Additional reading material: K. Zuse. Plankalkul. The first procedural language: FORTRAN (1954-58)….

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

I need to learn to use LDAP for an upcoming project, so I will start to keep some notes here. A lot of this post will be copy and pasted and Wikipedia and other sources. A client starts LDAP session by connection to an LDAP server, called a Directory System Agent (DSA). The default port…