Concepts in Programming Languages – University of Cambridge Course

The following are all copy and pasted from a University of Cambridge course link to the website below. It was accessible by public, so I figured I should dump it here. Maybe I can read some of this when I have a vacation. Lecture slides Introduction and motivation. Additional reading material: K. Zuse. Plankalkul. The first procedural language: FORTRAN (1954-58)….

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

I need to learn to use LDAP for an upcoming project, so I will start to keep some notes here. A lot of this post will be copy and pasted and Wikipedia and other sources. A client starts LDAP session by connection to an LDAP server, called a Directory System Agent (DSA). The default port…

What Drives Us?

I saw this video yesterday and it resonated well with what I already believed. It’s relatively long for a YouTube video and I could summarize it, but its better to just watch it and the art show along the way is great too.

How Doctors Die

Almost all medical professionals have seen what we call “futile care” being performed on people. That’s when doctors bring the cutting edge of technology to bear on a grievously ill person near the end of life. The patient will get cut open, perforated with tubes, hooked up to machines, and assaulted with drugs. All of…

Music can be shiny

Any-who-bobble  in no particular order: Skrillex – Kill EVERYBODY I just love the drop on this one, I think there were days I just played this on repeat as the only song. Awesome to work out too as well. Actually all the Dubstep below is pretty fun to workout too. Chrispy – Inspector Gadget This…