CRUD Generators

I am going to try some of these soon. Will update once done. I don’t really need it since I am migrating to vuejs but still. I really like the Nova generator style. But I like to use that as a super admin.

Frozen Chapli Kebab

I am actually trying to see how I can cook frozen chapli kebab patties from freezer and cook them right away on frying pan.Also trying it with no oil and oil.Temperature I have tried as low and now on 4. Going for 90 degrees Celsius inside and charred on outside.

A good day

Code and product features were tangible to me; I could see them, understand them, and show them off. Learning by contrast, is frustratingly intangible.

Chrome Remote DesktopĀ 

I find my self using team viewer more and more. Only team viewer thought I was using it for commercial purposes. I just know a lot of people that aren’t the best at using machines. They also didn’t respond to my emails when I sent correspondence in regards to this.  Also I’ve been pushing Chromebooks…

Dialing Multiple Numbers Simultaneously with Twilio This is going to be very useful. Dial multiple numbers, who ever answer first continues. The rest of the calls are dropped.  Would be nice to also be able to text the others that the call is over. I’m sure I can figure that out.