Chest and back day before surgery.

Did chest and back today. Might be last day to workout this week maybe even next as I have a surgery for I think an ulnar nerve transposition. (I had to Google it, probably should have asked the surgeon the real name)
Anyways, back was alright. But hip flexor was close to pain. Need to remember to stretch hip flexor more. Also need to get my hamstrings a lot more stretched.
I really need to look into hot yoga or just yoga.
New years resolution? Maybe.
I was mostly thinking of making it a blog post a day but we shall see.
Or a programming blog post a day. I seem to keep blogging fitness and tech news for the most part. But I guess it should be about what I’m interested in at the time. Getting off topic.
I also need to look into possibly putting back ahead of chest on one of the days.
Also pull ups are working. I can do 4 sets of 1 with 60 second rest at 217 pounds. Need to keep building.

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